What´s New in FM 3.2

FirstMagic 3.2 adds e-commerce and Shopping Carts,  Social Profiles, Visitor Forums, Personal Dashboards, Live Blogging, E-books, your own mobile App - and much more: 



Today: Imagine a blog that works like a calendar: that´s Today. Publish anything with it - Web Pages, movie clips, Facebook posts, Word Documents, PDF files, images, Google Maps, Podcasts... Each one is a card - part of a live stream that keeps itself up to date.


Each card has a timestamp, and will appear and disappear from the stream when you want it to. Cards can even repeat  - display a particular movie clip every Sunday, a PDF every morning, or a Facebook post every day only in July.


Use Today to author what your Homepage will look like on any given day, and set up all your days months in advance - publish a curriculum, or perhaps a daily agenda, or simply use it as a way to keep your Homepage fresh while you are on vacation.


The Today App: FirstMagic 3.2 comes with a Web App for Today. Visitors can just tap your Homepage to get it on their IOS or Android Homescreens: your Today in their pockets. The app installs right off your Homepage; no roundtrip to the AppStore necessary.


E-commerce: two styles of Shopping Carts are built in - choose between PayPal and FoxyCart payments processing. Accepting payments is now as easy as adding a normal web page.


WebStores: a WebStore is not necessary for accepting payments, but if you want to present many different products at once, the WebStore Layout does it for you - in a wide variety of styles and formats.


Books: the new Book Layout is like an eBook - with chapters and bylines in the Sidebar.


Forums: meeting space for your visitors: anybody can participate, whether they have a FirstClass Account or not.


Personal Dashboards: FirstMagic now has a personal Home Screen after Login - an overview of the pages you are working on, the WebStore Inventory, the Website Inbox, and all your subscriptions. Every user can customize it to fit their own workflow.


Social Profiles: put your byline on a page, and it will display a box with your photo, your social channels and contact points - even a live chat that will page you if a visitor opens it.


Theme Designer: Go on any page and design it just by pointing at elements - drop in background images and banners, change fonts, colors and styles, rearrange the layout - and see the results in realtime.




  • New Social Media features: buttons and embeddable feeds from common Social Media Channels. Display a Facebook page or Twitter feed anywhere on your site, add sharing buttons anywhere.
  • Embeddable content: use Word Documents, Google Docs, and PDFs, as Web Pages on your site - even embed entire websites, and scale it to fit. Web Pages and Response Forms can be embedded inside each other (display any group of pages as tiles on any other page)
  • Bookmarks & Shortcuts: alias anything anywhere to anywhere else.
  • All Widgets in the Widgets Library are refreshed, and have updated, new, or extended feature sets.
  • New Design Theme Library: all built-in Themes are refreshed, with 20 new Themes added.


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